How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

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Today we will know ,How to make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables.
We are celebrating the arrival of soup season with some of my all time favourite soup recepies and when it comes to comfort food. Todays receipe is the very best. Its my absolutely amazing creamy chiken and vegetable soup and its full of good for you ingredients that your entire family will love.

Now I dont know about you guys but in my house cold season has arrived with a vengeance.My kids have been sick basically constantly since september.So this soup has been onheavy rotation because its realy realy comforting if you are not feeling well.The best part is its actually really really easy to make and you can do all of your prep during your sunday meal prep. So come mo day or tuesday night you can just throw it all in a pot and its ready in less then 30 minutes.What is not to love. How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

Now off course this soup likemost of my soups all starts with a nice bi soup pot heating up on the stove.If you dont have a nice big soup pot like this,I highly recommend asking santa for one.Its one off those kitchen tools.I simply could not be without,You should also keep in mind that while you can get these very expensive versions.There is also much more affordable.Once for examle this one i think was less then fifty dollars.

So to my pot i am gonna start by adding some butter.So i have got this heating up over medium-high heat and i am just going to let that butter melt dont want to use butter in this recipe,its totally fine a little olive oil or some vegetable or canola oil will totally work here.But you guys know how i feel about butter right ,butter makes everythng better.Come on especially when you are not feeling well you got to have the butter.Just as soon as that butter is melted i am going to get in here with some onion some celery and some carrots all classic soup ingrediants and i just want to let those cook away for maybe three or four minutes.Just until they start to soften up and you will notice that celery turns nice and bright green.In addition to all the sickness.We have been battling in my house.

How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

All right just as soon as your veggies are nice and soft like mine are here.We are gonna go ahead and add some garlic to this and with my garlic guys i am not holding back.I have got two big cloves headed in here.When you talking about cold fighting soups you definitely want to add as much garlic as you can tolerate.Also it smells amazing in the pot.We are just gonna let that garlic get nice and hot and bothered for another 30 seconds or so before we go ahead and add some flour to this.I am using flour in this recipe to give me a nice rich and creamy texture but what i want to do first is sort of cook off that floury flavor.

How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

So i am just going to let my flour cook up stirring it constantly for another minute or so,then i am gonna go ahead and add some potatoes to my pot.Adding potatoes to this soup makes it a lot more filling and hearty.You know sometimes you have a bowl of soup and then you are hungry just an hour or two later the potatoes really help to sort of fill you up, same thing with the chiken and the extra veggies that go in here.

How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

So i have got two large potatoes cut into a nice small dice and i am also going to be adding my broth at this point.So i like using low- sodium chicken broth in this recipe but its really up to you whatever kind of broth you like.You could also do this with vegetable broth.if you wanted to totally up to youdepending on what you have on hand.i am also gonna go ahead and add my chicken to the pot.So i am using some boneless skinless chocken thighs here and i am actully going to be adding them whole and then what i will do is let them cook completely take them out and chop them.

How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

If you wanted to do this with chicken breasts you totally could or if you had leftover cooked chicken you absolutely have the option to add that in here as well.When it comes to seasoning this soup you really have the option to use any sort of dried herbs you want here but i like keeping things simple and classic with just a nice sprig of fresh thyme i find you get really really gorgeous flavor that way.And at this point i am just gonna pop a lid on my pot and bring this mixture to a boil.Just as soon as its reached a boil.

You can reduce your heat to medium and let this cook away for maybe 10 or 15 minutes thats really all it takes for those potatoes to get nice and tender and that chicken to be fully cooked through.All right friends its been about 15 minutes and you can see lots of yummy things are hapening here.

Our chicken is fully cooked and so are those potatoes.So now its time to get our chicken out of the potand we are gonna give it a rough chop before we get it ack into the pot.This is a really really quick technique that i use with pretty much all my chicken soup recipes now.At the same time i will remove my time spray as well.

How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

We are going to pop the lid on this and let it keep cooking while we set to work on just chopping up this chicken quickly.Honestly its so easy to do at this point because the chicken is nicely cooked.All right now we are going to bring it all together so i have got my chicken all chopped up and its going to go straight back in to my pot watch for any splashback.

I really like to add lots of chicken to make this extra filling.I am also ready to add even more great veggies to this soup because i want it to be as nutritious as possible.So i have opted for some broccoli florets that i have just cut in to nice small pieces as well as some peas i am using fresh but you could definitely use frozen in this the cool part about this is you can actually add any kind of greens.Here you could add some kale some spinach a little bit of asparagus or some green beans or even some snap peas or snow peas.

If you have those on hand i like adding them towards the end of cooking so they keep their nice bright green color and they dont get too mushy.Basically i am just gonna let this cook for another two to tree minutes just until my brocoli is tender and at this point i am ready to finish this soup off.I like to do it with a good splash of cream for added richness and a nice helping of salt and pepper to teste and honestly guys thats it how easy was that.

How To Make Creamy Chiken Soup with Vegetables

This soup is rich creamy satisfying and super nutritious which is why i absolutely adore it.I hope your family loves it as much as mine does and that you will give it a try for yourselves…thank you…

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