Shirmp And Rice.

Shirmp And Rice.There is nothing more comforting than a one-pan meal that feeds the whole family.I often make one pan chicken and rice and this variation made with shrimp that I’ll share with you today.
First, I’m Foysal Hossain from share wholesome, nutritious recipes that make your body feel good.This One Pan Shrimp and Rice dish is such a feel-good recipe to make, eat, and clean up,
especially if you’re short on time.Everything is cooked together in one pan and uses very simple ingredients that you can easily swap out based on what you have on hand.Everyone is gonna love this dinner idea.

Shirmp And Rice.

So here’s what you’ll need,one pound of uncooked shrimp,a cup-and-a-half of white rice.I’m using jasmine rice.Some vegetables, like onions, mushrooms, and green peppers,garlic, salt, pepper, and oregano,
vegetable broth or chicken broth,and olive oil to get it all started.So let’s get started.So my one rule when I make one pan meals is I tell my kids they’re not allowed to pick out any of the vegetables.
So in order to make sure they don’t do that,I chop everything really, really small.And this chopper right here is actually pretty helpful.I don’t use this all the time.But it’s pretty helpful for
something like this.Shirmp And Rice.

Shirmp And Rice.

So what I do is grab some onion slices.So we’ve got perfectly small diced onions.It just makes it a little bit easier.And this way the kids cannot pick them out of the rice.I’m gonna drop this in the pan.
We’ll do the same thing with some green peppers.And finally, we do the same thing with the mushrooms.And we’ll just add the shrimp to the pan.And we’ll add the mushrooms to the pan.All right, time to
cook the vegetables.So give it all a good stir.Shirmp And Rice.Now we’ll add a garlic clove.And just cook it for a minute until it’s nice and fragrant.Now I’m adding the rinsed jasmine rice on top of the vegetables.
And I prefer to rinse the rice just because it removes all that extra starch so that the rice kind of stays nice and fluffy and doesn’t stick together once it’s cooked.Shirmp And Rice.

Shirmp And Rice.

For a seasoning, I’m keeping it super simple.I’m doing half a teaspoon of salt,half a teaspoon of black pepper,and a teaspoon of oregano.Oregano’s pretty mild,and I feel that it goes pretty well
with these flavors.But feel free to switch it out based on whatever you like.And 2 1/4 cups of vegetable broth or chicken broth.I’m gonna stir everything together now,just to incorporate the broth right
into the mixture.And now we’re gonna simmer it for 15 minutes to let that rice cook.And while the rice is cooking,I’m gonna go ahead and season the shrimp.Shirmp And Rice.

Shirmp And Rice.

So we season the shrimp with just salt, pepper, and olive oil.And then we’re going to steam the shrimp right in the pan.You can set the shrimp at room temperature for 15 minutes while the rice cooks.
So now that the rice is done cooking,we wanna quickly open it up, throw the shrimp in there,and let it steam for five minutes.And then we fluff everything together and serve it.All right, let’s check
up on the shrimp.And look at that, you guys.It’s fully cooked.Shirmp And Rice.The steam from the rice completely cooked it.And you can tell it’s cooked because it’s opaque pink.And that’s exactly what we’re looking for.
And I’m gonna use a fork to fluff it all together.And when it’s all done,I’m just gonna go ahead and add some cilantro on top just to liven it up.Shirmp And Rice.

Shirmp And Rice.

All right, and now it’s time to serve some for Matt.Oh, I forgot, he’s allergic to shellfish.So we’re not gonna serve any for him.But you guys, this recipe is so delicious.My family absolutely loves it.
And there’s so many different ways to customize it.So you can use any kind of vegetables you have on hand and not have to dirty up another pan.So I hope you try it at home and I hope you love it.
Thank you so much for visiting my website.And be sure to like, follow, subscribe for more healthy-ish recipes with feel-good ingredients.See you guys next time.Thank you.Shirmp And Rice.

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